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Learn About New Hampshire

New Hampshire, a New England state, located in the northeastern US, is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, to the West by Vermont, to the East is Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. The Northern border is with Canada’s providence of Quebec. New Hampshire was named for Hampshire, England by Captain John Mason.

Concord, the state capital is roughly in the middle of the state, on the Merrimack River, Manchester, to the South of Concord, is the largest city.

New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state by area, and the 10th least populous U.S. state of about 1.275M (2002 estimates)

NH has some interesting facts; for example, NH has the first in the nation presidential primary every 4 years; In 1775, NH became the first state to declare its independence from England; In 1789 Samuel Shelburne, a Portsmouth native, was the first Attorney General of the United States; Born in Derry, NH, Alan Shepard was the first American to go into space in 1961; Christa McAuliffe, a Concord school teacher was the first private citizen in history to participate in a space shuttle launch. Unfortunately, the space shuttle, The Challenger, blew up and all parties were killed. A planetarium was built in her honor in Concord.

New Hampshire has 4 Nicknames, The first is the most commonly known.
Granite State for its granite formations and quarries
Mother of Rivers for the rivers of New England that comes out of its mountains.
White Mountain State for the white mountain range and
Switzerland of America for the beautiful mountain scenery.

Our local government has 10 counties, 13 municipalities 221 towns and 22 unincorporated places.

The state motto, Live Free or Die, comes from a statement written by Revolutionary General John Stark, a hero at the Battle of Bennington.

There are many tourist attractions in NH, such as the lakes region, which include Lake Winnipesaukee, The White Mountains- climbing Mount Washington (highest point in New England) and Mount Monadnock, skiing, snowboarding, motorways,

About Our Larger Communities


Concord, is the capital for New Hampshire. Years ago, this area was settled by Native Americans, and sits along side the banks of the Merrimack River. In 1725, Massachusetts immigrants settled in Concord, allowing it to grow in prominence during the 1900’s.

In 1808, Concord was named the official seat of state government. The 1819 State House is the oldest capitol in the nation in which the state’s
legislative branches meet in their original chambers.

The city would become noted for furniture-making and granite quarrying. The 2005 Census estimate that Concord has approximately 42,330 residents,
and is the 3rd highest in the state of NH.

Points of Interest:

More About Concord


Incorporated as Manchester, in 1846, Manchester is the largest population in NH, with approximate 113,000 residents. Manchester is the other seat for Hillsborough county. Manchester, geographically, straddles the Merrimack River, was first named by Samuel Blodgett, a merchant and
inventor. His vision was to create a great industrial center like that of Manchester England.

With the rapid growth of mills, and influx of immigrant workers, the city grew to have the largest cotton mill in the world. Also produced were shoes, cigars and paper. The Amoskeag foundry made rifles, sewing machines, textile machinery, fire engines, and locomotives in a division called the Amoskeag Locomotive Works.. later renamed to Manchester Locomotive works.

If you are considering a move to Manchester, here is a great article on what you should know. 

Attractions: Currier Museum of Art, Palace Theatre , Zimmerman House, a house designed by the acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1950 with period furniture and tours. and more…

Manchester Government 
More Information on Manchester


Nashua, a southern NH city, stretches along the Nashua River and Mine Falls Park. The northern end features large Greeley park with picnic areas and playgrounds.

In 1741, the previously disputed boundary between NH and MA was fixed. The township of Dunstable, was divided into 2. Tyngsborough and some of Dunstable remained in Massachusetts, the remaining, named Dunstable, NH was incorporated in 1746 from the northern section of town.

In December 31 1836 the NH half of Dunstable was renamed “Nashua” after the Nashua River. The Nashua River was named by the Nashuway Indians.

Nashua was build around the textile industry. 1836, the Nashua Manufacturing Company, had built 3 cotton mills

Nashua is one of two seats of the largest in population county, Hillsborough. 2nd largest city in New Hampshire, having around 90,000 residents.

In 1987 and 1990, Money Magazine named Nashua the “Best Place to live in America”

Government website
Go here, for places of interest in Nashua


Portsmouth is a port city, one of the nation’s busiest and also a shipbuilding city. Known for its beautiful architecture, you can see examples of Colonial, Georgian and Federal style houses, many of which are now in museums.

Portsmouth had some devistating fires in early 19th century. The worst was in 1813 when 244 buildings were burned.

In 1653 the 60 families living in the town petitioned to change its name to Portsmouth. When New Hampshire was separated from Massachusetts Bay
Colony by royal edict in 1679, Portsmouth became the capital of the new colony.

Some other fun facts, the ‘bad boy’ literary genre originated in Portsmouth. It is rumoured that Humphrey Bogart served time in the Portsmouth Naval Prison. Ilene Woods, born in Portsmouth, was the voice of Cinderella in the 1950 Disney film…

To Find things to do, visit

More about Portsmouth

Places of Interest in New Hampshire

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