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What Is The Role Of A Marketing Consultant?

The role of a marketing consultant, who is an outside advisor, is to determine what your business goals and objectives are, then create a marketing plan, based on those goals, determine your marketing message and identify the appropriate marketing strategies to get that message out to your target market.

Many marketing consultants are involved with the implementation of those strategies so that they can be measured, analyzed and tweaked to ensure that you are getting the best results for the amount of investment made.

Tracking your results, such as call tracking, followup of those calls, followup on optin forms, converted prospects via retargeting or remarketing campaigns is essential in determining what needs to be changed or further improved upon.

When Should I Hire A Marketing Consultant?

Ask yourself these questions…

1) Do you want to build and grow your business
2) Do you have a solid digital marketing strategy with both short term and long term goals
3) Do you measure your successes and failures
4) Do you know your key metrics, such as daily traffic to your business if brick and mortar, or your website, lead to conversion ratios, social media traffic, incoming calls or leads, your cost per acquisition and your profit margins
5) Do you want to improve relationships with existing clients/customers/patients
6) Do you want to expand into new markets or geographic areas and get new clients/customers/patients

If you find that you aren’t doing any or some of the above, then working with an digital marketing agency and marketing consultant will be well worth the cost of assessing and improving your business plan.

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What We Will Want to Know From You...

Your Story:

1) How long have you been in business?
2) What's the story behind your brand name?
3) How many employees do you have?
4) What makes your business stand out from your competition?
5) What currently is your gross and net revenue?
6) Who Is Your Competition and why do you think they are getting more customers/clients/patients than you are?


1) Do you have a marketing plan?
2) How would you say most of your customers/clients/patients hear about you?
3) What kinds of advertising/marketing are you currently investing in?
4) What is working and what isn't?
5) Are you currently working with another marketing agency? If so, what service are they providing? Do you have a contract with them?

Best Local Marketing Consultant NH, Marketing Consultants For Small Business in NH, Small Business Marketing Consulting Serving NH

Goals and Objectives:

1) What is the #1 problem you are trying to solve in your business right now?
2) How many customers/clients/patients do you currently have?
3) How many more would you like to have per week or month?
4) How would you describe your perfect customer/client/patient?
5) What are your target locations that you currently service?
6) Do you want to expand to a new geographic location?

Your Services:

1) What are the services that you provide?
2) What are the ones you want to focus on for promotion?
3) What is your profit on each service?

Best Local Marketing Consultant NH, Marketing Consultants For Small Business in NH, Small Business Marketing Consulting Serving NH

So Why Call A Marketing Consultant Now?

What has prompted you to consider hiring a marketing consultant? Are you just planning ahead? Change of management or ownership? Or are you realizing that you are leaving too much money on the table to not do something about it! No matter what the answer is, there is no time like the present to get started. Give us your expected time frame for achieving success. We start with the basics, focusing on a few key strategies and building from there. We will give you a price to implement that strategy. The main goal will be to clearly understand your needs and expectations, and we will tell you what you should expect to invest to achieve those goals. We will give guide you on making the right decisions with the least risk, while measuring and tweaking along the way. Click the calendar link below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to get your marketing plan up and running soon We look forward to talking with you soon!

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I would much rather focus on my business than the marketing of it. The level of service provided by Top Gun Marketing is second to none. You get what you pay for and that is clearly demonstrated in this case with high quality management of SEO to get my rankings on the first page of Google
William Gainey
Owner Handyman Services
Highly recommend Top Gun Marketing to anyone serious about improving their local search engine rankings. As an local company ranking on Google and the 3 pack is the life blood for lead generation for my business. Top Gun Marketers got the results they promised on the most important keywords.
Alfonse Price
Manager Plumbing Company
The web group at Top Gun Marketing was very professional through the process of designing our local website. They have provided consistent ongoing updates and services for us. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a web design company.
B. Steen
Cleaning Services Owner
Amazing team to work with. Great collaboration, consistent updates and follow ups. After just few months of working together I see some great results. Would highly recommend the Top Gun Marketing team for any business to get their GMB ranked.
Appliance Repair Services
We have used Top Gun Marketing for help with our digital marketing services for a few years and have always had great results from their work. Timely and always there to help whenever needed.
Shelly Waters
Owner-Spa Services
Valerie at Top Gun Markeing has redefined SEO, especially local SEO. She is the true authority on how to get websites ranked that bring them to page 1 and exponentially increase their website traffic and bottom line profits. Val's integrity and ethical business practices are at the absolute highest level in the entire SEO industry.
J. Goodman
Legal Services

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